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Why You Need a Divorce Attorney in DeLand

You can count on the legal advice of the Law Office of Steven R. Burk, P.A., when you need an aggressive divorce attorney in DeLand. It is always a difficult time in one’s life when a relationship deteriorates to the point of contemplating a divorce. It can be especially difficult when children are involved. Even with the best intentions in mind, dissolution of marriage may not always be as amicable as you may expect or hope. A spouse may appear to be cooperative at first, but may become more difficult when it comes to splitting up the assets. This is why consulting with an aggressive divorce lawyer who has a strong knowledge of family law is highly recommended.

Child Custody Issues

Child custody issues can often become emotionally charged when both parents want primary custody of the kids. However, in the State of Florida, both parents are equally responsible for the welfare of their minor children regardless of the child’s primary residence. In fact, both parents must complete a Time Sharing Agreement and Parenting Plan and submit it to the Family Court for approval. Parents are required by law to abide by this plan unless modified and approved by the court. As your divorce attorney, I will review these important documents with you and answer any child custody questions you may have.

Property Rights

Distributing the property and financial assets during a divorce can be a difficult and time consuming process. Also, Florida is considered an “equitable distribution” state. This means that property acquired during the marriage will be divided equally in a divorce. There are some limited exceptions and requirements to the rule which is why you need an aggressive divorce attorney on your side to ensure you get your fair share.

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