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When You Need an Aggressive Divorce Attorney in Deltona, FL

When you need an aggressive divorce attorney for dissolution of marriage in Deltona, Burks Law has your back.  Contemplating a divorce is often one of the most difficult decisions one will make in their lifetime. It can be especially difficult when there are children and real property involved. Either spouse can petition for divorce. The respondent spouse must respond to the petition within 20 days of being served. Since important decisions will need to be made that can affect your financial future, you need to have an aggressive and compassionate divorce lawyer on your side that will have your best interests in mind and fight for your rights. 

Also, keep in mind that in the state of Florida, any property or asset that is acquired during the marriage is subject to equitable distribution regardless of who paid for or gifted the item to the spouse. When you petition for dissolution of marriage, you will need to disclose financial and other material information as directed by the courts. Your divorce lawyer in Deltona will be instrumental in helping you to negotiate an equitable settlement with his expert legal counsel and representation throughout the process.

A divorce can also have a devastating impact on a spouse’s income when one spouse is the sole or predominant financial provider. In 2010, the State of Florida made a statutory change to its alimony law adding a fourth type of alimony called durational alimony which can last up to 17 years. While alimony is often temporary, there are limited cases where the court may grant permanent alimony. An aggressive divorce attorney can help ensure you receive all the spousal support, alimony and child support you are entitled to.

Consulting with an aggressive divorce attorney in Deltona is the first step in protecting your rights during the dissolution of marriage. Otherwise, important decisions may be made on your behalf by other parties including a family law judge.

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